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Our Story

Rigby Transmedia is a fully-integrated communications, marketing and multimedia company. We offer clients a wide range of products and services designed to enhance your business profile, tell your story and improve your turnover.


We provide the best in the areas of marketing, promotions, IT, design, creative content, public relations, publishing, media, events management, and more.


We know that good ideas, hard work and years of collective experience are what make any business stand out from the crowd. Rigby Transmedia draws on all of these in every assignment we undertake.


We establish strong and enduring business relationships with our clients, placing solid communications at the very top of our priorities in client relations.


Extensive local, national and international know-how make us ideally placed to assist your business at all levels.


Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, we are within easy reach and access of all Australian centres, an increasingly dynamic and important Asian sphere and indeed the world.


We believe in people and their power to create. We also know that freedom of thought, encouraging creativity and time to work on individual areas of interest produces the best results.


Yes, we are outside of the square and proud of it. Yet we have the power to be where you need us at any time, be that a small business down the road or a major corporation across the world. We bring expertise, experience and creativity with us.


We invite you to contact us with your next marketing, communications or multimedia assignment.

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