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Contact us if you require any of the services below to boost your business, company, organisation, project or event.

Media & Journalism 


> Preparation of media releases, publicity and technical material

> News, feature and investigative story coverage

> Media strategies for electronic and print mediums

> Comprehensive media database supply and access

> Photography services for news, feature and corporate images

> Media skills training

> Identifying key media for your needs

> Pinpoint advertising design, buying and placement

> Story compilation and media ideas generation

> National and International media support and exposure

> Media monitoring

> Media troubleshooting & counter-publicity campaigns



> Design and management of online social networking

> Writing & production of brochures, newsletters

> Professional copy, text and script writing services

> Creative content and storylines for TV, film, online and print

> Production of digital corporate & doco video/on-line vision

> Creative and innovative website design

> Online animation and streaming

> eBook and document design and production

> Professional artwork and designs

> Book and magazine design, production and publishing (hard copy & ebook

> Professional photography services

Promotions & Marketing


> Development of strategic marketingplans

> Review of current marketing structures and policies

> Marketing portfolio management

> Strategic think tank sessions

> Preparation of marketing timelines

> Brand and corporate identity management

> Events creation and management

> Trade and consumer show management

> PR campaigns for business, events and projects

> Image enhancement and troubleshooting services

> Structuring of corporate communications and industry liaison

> Community awareness campaigns of your organisation or project


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